Former residents

In 1732 a Jewish goldsmith migrated to Copenhagen and since he needed a home and a place to work, he built a beautiful house in the center of the city.

Since then a motley crew of Copenhageners have called Valkendorfsgade nr. 11 home; from tailors, to shoemakers to barbers.

Then in the early part of the 20th century the legendary bar Kontoret could be found serving beers and delicious baked camembert with jam behind the heavy doors.  

The Balderdash era

And now… BALDERDASH is here, serving modern cocktails, Danish delicacies  and delectable beers to thirsty Copenhageners and visitors alike.

Inspired by our building’s history we have reinvented the Copenhagen Vinstue and kept the building’s history alive but we added some modern sensibilities that fits the new Nordic movement.

So be part of the history, enjoy a drink and help us add to the colourful story of Valkendorfsgade 11 … and as we always say “Keep it hygge”.


“ Balderdash, I guess was my way of integrating in Denmark through history, culture and definitely flavors ”

Geoffrey Canilao Owner Balderdash